10 Healthy Foods That Can Actually Make You Feel Sick


Sometimes you experience nauseous and you just cannot parent out why. Maybe you are allergic to something, maybe some thing that you ate in advance that day simply did no longer agree with your stomach. There are some meals that you would possibly do not forget “wholesome foods” that would in reality be volatile to your fitness.


Tuna among healthy food

Sometimes tuna can be contaminated with scombrotoxin. Scombrotoxin is a foodborne toxin that may cause a mild shape of foodborne intoxication while ingested in excessive quantities.


cheese food

Nausea after consuming dairy may be a symptom of moderate lactose intolerance. Between 30 and 50 million humans within the US have some diploma of lactose intolerance, in line with the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.


chicken food

Chicken have to continually be cooked properly to avoid Salmonella bacterial infections. According to the CDC, antibiotic use in food animals can result in resistant Salmonella. It is likewise crucial to buy loose-variety bird as a more secure alternative.


soya bean

Thousands of research link soy to malnutrition, digestive distress, immune device breakdown, thyroid disorder, cognitive decline, reproductive problems, and infertility — even cancer and coronary heart sickness.But you do not need to prevent enjoying your sushi. For a safer option, devour fermented soy merchandise that are digestible, which include miso, tempeh, natto, or tamari.



This breakfast preferred has triggered many outbreaks because of Salmonella micro organism. The bacteria can lurk within the egg, so proper cooking is important. And refrigerate eggs earlier than the usage of them.



According to CDC, eating raw oysters can is risky for certain corporations of people. A bacterium referred to as Vibrio vulnificus that is in a few oysters can probably motive nausea or even sickness.


10 Healthy Foods That Can Actually Make You Feel Sick

Berries contain antioxidants and different fitness benefits that a long way outweigh the dangers of consuming them. In 2014, strawberries ranked Number 2 for his or her pesticide content material, even as blueberries ranked Number 23. Berries are some thing to buy organic, as they may be risky to eat otherwise.


10 Healthy Foods That Can Actually Make You Feel Sick

This one may be a alleviation for all the tomato haters out there. This summer season favored has been linked to many distinctive sorts of food-borne infection. Once tomatoes input a household, bacteria may additionally take over.


10 Healthy Foods That Can Actually Make You Feel Sick

Potatoes have a high glycemic index, that means they might dramatically impact your blood sugar.  Because of this, consuming potatoes in massive quantities or on their own would possibly growth your danger of blood sugar imbalances and negative urge for food manage. Eat your French fries, however do it sparingly.

Leafy Greens

10 Healthy Foods That Can Actually Make You Feel Sick

Your mother probably always advised you to consume your veggies, but it seems that salad isn’t always as healthful of a meals as you think. Greens along with lettuce, endive, kale, and watercress have triggered eight,836 said instances of illness between 1998 and 2008, according to the CDC.

One of these 10 “wholesome” meals may be the purpose why you are not feeling so warm. Next time you reflect onconsideration on shopping for one of these foods, consider a safer way to eat it.
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