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Nigeria Among Recorded Countries Where Satellite Phones Are Restricted

Satellite phones are an excellent tool for travelers who break out from the typical tourist paths and also would like to remain connected or merely desire that most basic approach to call for aid in crises, however, some states on the planet do not take quite as kindly into those apparatus.

The satellite phones let you find out more about the planet. It is fantastic for individuals that need to keep in contact or will need to communicate with all mainstream networks, like the phone network.

If you do prepare yourself you might face also and inconveniences penalties which range from getting your telephone number into being arrested and arrested.

Satellite Phones – A Review

Satellite phones vary from regular telephones in that they do not receive their signal however instead obtain a signal. Although satellite phones are primarily intended for world travelers, there are a few countries that restrict their usage and entirely ban them. A nation may confine satellite telephone usage to combat terrorism, or as oppressive regimes have less control over their citizens if satellite phones have been enabled. Even should your country once restricted or prohibited satellite phones but has recently altered the law, it is a fantastic idea to understand what regulations used to become if the local police are not up-to-date with recent alterations and are proving difficult.

Below are our top countries with satellite phone restrictions :

China : It is prohibited to have a satellite phone In China, and other GPS devices can also be termed questionable. If you are traveling or about to move to China, look at using your regular phone, cell telephone service and Web access are both good in China, also in remote locations. Also, you may undoubtedly order a China sim-card before your excursion. Be aware that some social media platform and the search engine will are not accessible in China. Contact the Chinese Embassy with any questions.


Bangladesh : Possessing a satellite phone may result in jail time and will be prohibited in .

Nigeria: Satellite phones were prohibited in Borno Later militants were found with their phones to plan attacks. Right now, the law about satellite phones throughout the remaining part of the country is uncertain. Contacting the Consulate General of Nigeria having questions is Ideal. Recall that the billionaire kidnapper Evans was caught with 11 mobiles. Two of them are Virtue phones, which are tricky to monitor. Also, he has. It may be used anywhere, for example at the orbit, on the desert, along with the ocean.

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North Korea: Satellite phones are banned in North Because there is no right to privacy in North Korea, Korea, and many of devices are susceptible to search and tracking. Note that the United States government has published a travel warning against North Korea. Find more information regarding travel to North Korea here.

Cuba: Electronics are banned in Cuba, for example, satellite phones. You cannot bring or ship a satellite phone to Cuba unless you own a license from the Cuban Ministry of Informatics and Communications. Because they genuinely are viewed as programs for purposes, Cuba limits using satellite phones; being caught with one can lead to a period in prison, detain, or an espionage charge.

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India: Back in India, just satellite mobiles using the Inmarsat system are allowed, and you have to get permission before your trip from the Department of Telecommunications. You may well be detained if you should be captured with an unapproved satellite phone.

Libya: In 2011, Libya Barred satellite phones Made by the Thuraya company; if you are caught using you, you might be arrested for espionage. Currently, though, the law is uncertain, and at the mercy of circumstance, so it is best to contact the Embassy of Libya for more information.

Myanmar: (formerly called Burma) needed a Period under a military government of unrest. As a way to avoid information leakage communication means were disabled. Many reforms were made to all those restrictions after the military ruling was replaced with democratically-elected leadership. For the latest satellite phone legislation, contact with the Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

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Russia: While Russia allows satellite phones, You have to get approval beforehand, and you must register your SIM card. SIM card enrollment will soon be active for half an hour. Contact Roskomnadzor for more information.

Republic of Chad: This landlocked country in Central Africa is currently undergoing a consistent threat of terrorism, and this has caused satellite phones to become deemed prohibited. Confiscation of an arrest in addition to this phone are all possible if you should be caught with a satellite phone. No one can find a license for a satellite phone. Contact the Embassy of Chad with any questions.

Sudan: The majority of electronics are confined in Sudan, so it is best to ask specifically about satellite mobiles when applying for the visa. Be equipped for the devices to be taken by habits and held for review.

SriLanka: Journalists and other media staff Could possess their equipment, including satellite phones, cleared in advance. A license from the SriLanka Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Is Needed.

In conclusion, Before going to any overseas Country, like the people listed previously, it is vital that you research the Most present laws regarding phone usage. A country’s current Political circumstance or perhaps a state of unrest may influence communicating laws, And constraints can change.

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