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This Is What You Need To Give Up To Be Happy

Our minds are much stronger than we give it credit for. We can justify decisions that we make even if we know it’s not the best for us. We can rationalize our behaviors and thoughts to fit what we want rather than what we need. The mind is a powerful tool in our lives but we have to actively learn to use it. And that’s the hard part.

Many people are unhappy simply because of their mindset and their daily approach to life. This simple list below are things you should give up if you want to experience true happiness. We often deprive ourselves of the joy in life because of our mindset and ways we approach situations in life.

Here is a list of things you should give up if you want the experience of peace and true happiness.


Let’s be honest here. What does complaining really do to enhance your life? Most people would say it serves no positive purpose in their lives. Give it up. It will only deter you.

Wishing the past was different

If you’re busy dwelling on the past, there will be no change for your future. Rather than wish it were different, it’s more productive to ponder ways you can make your present and future better.

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Wishing the present was different

You have no control of your past because it’s already happened. Don’t just wish for your present to be different, take action. Make sure you make the necessary changes that need to be made in your life so your present can be better.

Looking for outside approval

If you are constantly looking for approval outside of yourself, it will be a temporary fix at best. In order for you to feel secure and happy with yourself, it’s not the approval of others that is key. The key is knowing who you are and accepting that regardless of what others think

Searching for external validation

There is no reason for you to seek validation from anyone. If you love yourself fully and accept who you are as a person, no one else’s opinion should matter. Stop searching. It’ll save you time and energy you can’t get back.


If you did something wrong or something that may be inappropriate, own it. If you don’t own what you’ve done and you continue to make excuses for things in life or decisions you’ve made, you won’t succeed in your relationships or friendships.


No one is perfect. No one will ever be and has never been perfect. As long as you put forth your best effort and gave anything 100%, than you have done everything you possibly could. You will save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress and have more peace when you give this up.

Avoidance of negative feelings

Avoiding your negative feelings makes you blind to why you’re feeling a certain way and how you can make changes to stop feeling that way.

Criticizing and judging others

When you’re judging people, you are assuming something or feeling a certain way based off of your own experiences rather than looking at it from their perspective. You’re being close-minded. Give it up!

Allowing fear to dictate your life

You’ll miss out on exciting and new experiences that can be life changing.

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